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The Distracted Child

Veritas Press

Do You Have a Distracted Child? Jenny was sitting in church desperately trying to listen to the sermon, but her mind kept wandering, thinking about having to pick Dennis up from his Sunday school class. Every Sunday the knot in her stomach accompanied her as she traveled to church. She just knew people thought she

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The Scoop on Legends and Leagues


We find this happens occasionally and believe it needs to be addressed. Someone will post a concern about a product—in this case, ours—only to find out that they have bought a portion of the product and express that it isn’t as effective as hoped. In the case located HERE someone indicted disappointment in Legends and

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Back to (Home)School Sale!


Nearly twenty years ago Veritas Press began forging the way to bring the best and most effective products to teach to your front door. With proven results, our passion for classical Christian education has only grown. Out of this passion we created the Self-Paced History, Omnibus and now Bible courses. Now you can join the

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Honor Your Parents

Odena Detweiler

The sixth commandment is well known to all of us. We find it in Exodus 20:12: Honor your father and mother. Then you will live a long, full life in the land the Lord your God is giving you. (NASB) This commandment took on new and additional meaning when I needed to write my mother’s

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